4 Tricks Franchisors Are Using To Generate Leads

Aug 26, 2020 11:27 am | Marketing

Without leads, there are no conversions towards sales. With franchising especially, there’s a saturated market with consumers who’ll only, eventually, choose one franchise to invest in out of thousands. So what can franchise brands do to generate more leads than the competition? 

Streamline your franchise application process 

With thousands of other franchises to choose from, there’s no reason for possible franchisees to be dedicated to learning your difficult franchise application process. Simplifying your processes from inquiries to applications through online platforms, makes your franchise more enticing and allows your franchisees to speed through the process–leading to a sale in a shorter amount of time. 

Capitalize on lead generation platforms and franchisee databases

If you’re willing to spend on your lead generation, focus on third parties that allow you to access thousands of franchises across the globe quickly and efficiently. While spending on social media marketing will allow you to promote your franchise packages, it will be useless if you don’t have an audience ready to listen.

Don’t limit yourself to one platform

You need to be present wherever your franchisee is present. On all the platforms where your franchisees are searching for possible franchises, you have to be within the top #1 options; otherwise, your brand will fall behind its competitors. Research where your franchisees are searching for franchise brands–whether they be in small social media groups or popular platforms–and place yourself in those places. 

Contact untapped markets

As mentioned, there are thousands of franchise brands aiming to reach out to a handful of franchisees. However, there are other markets which brands have not yet reached out to. These untapped markets are your brand’s key to escaping the oversaturated market of franchisees in the country. 

EasyFranchise.com is a platform that connects franchisors and franchisees through a single online platform. We tap leads from all over the world and offer to manage their franchises in the Philippines for them, making them more open to owning a franchise. The Easy Franchise Center, on the other hand, takes advantage of these leads generated and streamlines the process on the franchisor’s end as well–fulfilling the promised connection between franchisors and franchisees. 

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