The 3 A's Mix Of Crisis-Relevant Marketing Content

Aug 26, 2020 11:33 am | Marketing

“Is now too sensitive of a time to post about my products? Does my content look like I’m profiting off of the pandemic? Should I be focused solely on showing empathy towards my consumers?”

With less physical interaction between consumers and businesses, marketers are given the difficult task of making sure that the connection between your brand and your audience remains alive through online marketing. 

However, this crisis is unlike others that marketers have encountered before. Audiences are more sensitive to information and brands don’t want to be apathetic, but they still need to generate sales. So what should their content consist of? 


One of the best ways to keep your relationship alive is by emphasizing the importance of your consumers. This shows empathy and tells the consumer, “Hey, even if you’re not purchasing from us right now, we still appreciate your loyalty.” and drives them to the idea that, once possible, they can purchase from your business again. 

This form of content is best expressed through personal communication. Some examples are free consultations and surveys through channels like email direct marketing. 


Your consumers know that many businesses are struggling. Don’t be afraid to communicate your brand’s truth while still maintaining professionalism. 

This segment is best done through sharing stories, reviews, and conversations. For example, content centered on a customer’s review saying, “Shipping was slower because of the crisis, but customer service was helpful in sorting it out!” is more impactful than a graphic that says “We will have shipping delays.” 


At the end of the day, you have mouths to feed and so do your employees. Sales are necessary not only to keep your company alive, but to keep jobs alive as well. 

Continue to advertise your product, but be wary about the thin line between relevance and capitalizing on the crisis. If you’re unsure about your content ask yourself, “How does this benefit my consumer?” 

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