The History of Franchising in the PH

Apr 01, 2020 12:50 pm | Franchising

1979 - First franchised Jollibee branch opened in the Philippines.

In 1979, Jollibee opened its first franchise-owned store in Sta. Cruz, Manila. This franchise brand began the expansion of Jollibee’s franchise chain nationwide.

1985 - McDonald’s opens it opportunities for franchising in the Philippines.

McDonalds first opened its franchise branch to test the well known American brand on Philippine soil in 1985.

1988 - Max’s Group opens for franchising.

Jamba Juice, Krispy Kreme, and Yellow Cab are just some of the popular food and drink chains that Max’s holds, and it was only in 1988 that Max’s Group opened its brands to be franchised nationwide.

1993 - Father of Philippine Franchising, Samie Lim, hosted the first franchising expo with only the top 10 brands.

Just as franchising began to popularize, the first franchising expo was created without the guidance of and support of a franchising association.

1995 - Philippine Franchising Association was created and patterned after USAID.

The PFA approached the USAID and acquired funding in order to create the first franchising association in the Philippines with the support from Sergio Ortiz-Luis, head of the Private Investment and Trade Opportunities.

1995 - RK Franchise Corporation was developed.

RK Franchise Corporation began assisting growing Filipino brands and preparing them for franchising. From its beginning in 1995, RK Franchise Corporation has helped develop over 450 companies into franchise businesses.

1997 - Development of the First Filipino Franchising Federation, AFFI.

Established by representatives of different franchise brands, AFFI was created for the support of other fellow businessmen, especially those in and planning to enter the franchising industry.

2003 - Potato Corner is given the Franchise Hall of Fame award.

After having won the Franchise of the Year award 3 consecutive years in a row, Potato Corner is granted the Franchise Hall of Fame award by the Philippine Franchising Association and the Department of Trade and Industry.

2006 - Potato Corner opens its franchise in Indonesia.

Potato Corner opened its first franchise in Indonesia in 2006. However, this success didn’t end there as it opened 2 more outlets in Indonesia in the same year.

2007 - Philippines’ growth to 976 franchise concepts as opposed to the original 11

Quickly after the creation of the Philippine Franchising Association, more franchising brands came to be which led to their large increase in number in 2007.

2012 - PFA continues to have the largest franchising exhibit in the world.

The 2012 International Franchise Expo by the PFA housed over 500 different local and international brands in one area across different days, attracting attendees from across the globe.

2016 - PFA’s Chairman, Samie Lim, projects that the Philippines will cement its footing as the Franchise Hub of Asia

Through promotions overseas by different companies and the Department of Trade and Industry, the Philippines has continued to popularize franchising in the Philippines for Filipinos, OFWs, and others across the globe.

2017 - Franchise sector’s contribution reaches almost one trillion pesos

The Philippines’ effort to promote franchising brands paid off in revenue with the franchising sector contributing almost one trillion pesos to the Philippine economy.

2019 - Creation of Easy Franchise 

RJ Ledesma, Jose Magsaysay, Jr., and Bubbles Lim collaborated with each other to create Easy Franchise, the first online franchising directory and application platform. They officially launched the first version of the Easy Franchise website on February 22, 2019.


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